Piedmont Flyers Bicycle Club By-Laws

Section A: Name – The name of this club shall be the PIEDMONT FLYERS BICYCLE CLUB, abbreviated as PFBC.

Section B: National Affiliation – the PFBC is a member of the following national organization: LEAGUE OF AMERICAN WHEELMEN, INC. d/b/a the LEAGUE OF AMERICAN BICYCLISTS.

Section C: Purpose – The PFBC is organized and operated as a civic club whose focus shall be:
To provide safe, regularly scheduled bicycle training rides for our members
To promote bicycling for fun, fitness and recreation
To support bicycling among young people through our annual fundraising efforts

Section A: Eligibility – Membership shall be open to cyclists who meet one of the following criteria upon payment of the dues as outlined in Section B.
Age 18+ and signature on waiver
Age 16-18, with a driver’s license and parent/guardian signature on waiver
Persons under the age of 16 or under age 18 without a valid driver’s license may not be PFBC members.
Participation in club rides for those under 16 or under 18 without a driver’s license is at the discretion of the PFBC Board and will be considered on a case by case basis.
Children under the age of 16 must be the child of a paying PFBC Member and be accompanied by parent/guardian or responsible adult member on any PFBC ride. The child’s parent must sign a waiver before participation.

Section B: Dues – Dues shall be $20 per year per cyclist.

Section C: Decorum – This is an inclusive, supportive club. Behaviors that undermine this end will not be tolerated. Members will follow all applicable state laws and PFBC road rules (see amendments). Removal of a member shall be at the discretion of the PFBC Board by two thirds vote.

Section A: Board – The PFBC Board shall consist of no fewer than Five members and no more than Twenty members.

Section B: Officers – The officers shall be a President and Treasurer.

Section C: Eligibility – Board members must be active, paying PFBC Members

Section D: Election – New Board members or Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the PFBC Board.
– A new President should be nominated by no fewer than Two club members and shall not receive more than One No vote from the Board during its election.

Section E: Term – Board Members & Officers shall serve for a minimum of One year and their term of office shall commence following their election by the PFBC Board.

Section F: Vacancy – If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Treasurer shall assume the office for the remainder of the year. Vacancies in any other office shall be filled by a special election.

Section G: Responsibility – Management of this club shall be vested in the Board and they are responsible to the entire membership to uphold these bylaws.

Section A: President – it shall be the duty of the President to:
Preside at meetings
Vote only in case of a tie among the Board
Represent the club
Select the routes for the weekly Tuesday/Thursday rides
Plan the annual LYRMC Fundraising ride
Participate in the annual Bikes for Kids Giveaway
Approve any abnormal Club expenses
Serve as chairperson of the Program Committee
Maintain the Club website
Issue notices of meetings and conduct the general correspondence of the club
Perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to this office

Section B: Treasurer – It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:
Preside in the absence of the President
Receive all funds and process Request for Payment, Deposit Slip, and Officer Signature Forms.
Keep a file of the club’s records including an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures and make reports as directed
Maintain a current roster of membership

Section A: Annual Meeting: An Annual Membership Meeting open to all members shall be held in the first quarter of the year at a time and place designated by the PFBC Board. Notice of the Annual Meeting shall be published on the PFBC Board Discord channel, in advance of the meeting. At the Annual Meeting an opportunity shall be provided for discussion by the members of current and potential policies and activities of the PFBC.

Section B: Board Meetings
An annual PFBC Board meeting shall be held during first quarter of the year, but it shall be held prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.
Special meetings may be called by the President with the approval of the Board.

Section C: Quorum – A quorum shall consist of at least half of the PFBC Board or membership.

Section A: LYRMC Committee – A LYRMC committee composed of a Board Member as chairperson and additional members who volunteer, whose duty shall be to plan the overall annual LYRMC Fundraiser.

Section B: Special Committees – The President shall have the authority to appoint any special committees, with the approval of the PFBC Board, from time to time as need demands.

Section A: Selection – these bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the PFBC Board or Club membership.

Section B: Notice – All members shall receive advance notice of the proposed amendment at least five days before the meeting.

Section C: Road Rules –
All state traffic laws must be obeyed
Helmets are required for all riders
Riders may not utilize aero bars
Riders may not wear earbuds or headphones during rides
Violation of road rules may result in rider being asked to refrain from riding with PFBC and may result in that rider’s membership being suspended at the discretion of the PFBC board